Some may not like it, but I’m all for whatever measures the Illinois State Police want to catch and stop people from illegally using their phones while driving.

Well, thanks to a partnership with the Illinois Trucking Association (I mean, who’s got more on the line when it comes to safe roads than truckers?), troopers are hopping into big rigs to get a better vantage point to catch those distracted drivers.

WGN-TV rode along with one of the truck-driving troopers to get the scoop:

The higher vantage point makes it easier to spot those daw-gone law breakers. Once spotted, the vehicle information is radioed ahead to troopers in standard squad cars ready to make the stop and write a ticket.

Starting July 1st, if you are caught using your phone illegally you will be slapped with a moving violation. Three of those and you could lose your license.

Knock it off, four-wheeler. That’s a Texas-sized 10-4 there good buddy.