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Stevie Nicks has a Shawl Vault…Really!

I love me some Fleetwood Mac…one of the best Rock/Pop bands ever.  The band is in town tonight at the United Center.  Stevie Nicks always fronting the band on many songs with many, many shawls.  I’m guessing Steven Tyler might put a good fight when it comes to the “the most owned shawls of a rocker.”

Here’s the story…

Stevie Nicks told Rolling Stone she actually has a shawl vault.  It is temperature-controlled.  They are in huge red cases Fleetwood Mac bought back in 1975.

Nicks said all of her vintage stuff is protected for all her little goddaughters and nieces.  She’s trying to give them away but there are thousands of them.  If she ever writes her life story, the name of the book should be: “There’s Enough Shawls To Go Around.”

Now that’s Rock ‘n Roll!

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