Stimulus Deal! Maybe! Bout Time!!

So here we are 5 days till Christmas and Congress (mostly the Senate) are still screwing around with deals to #1. keep the government open and #2. get a stimulus bill passed to help so many struggling Americans. The unemployment numbers are growing again (they were already outragious) and the pandemic is affecting so many’s abilities to earn a living. People trying to feed their families (have you seen the lines at the food pantries) or trying to pay their rent. There may be some light (kinda dim in here) at the end of the proverbial tunnel. How can these (elected) officials (that’s giving them a lot of creds just calling them that) let this kind of situation linger and go right up to the edge of going off the cliff. That’s not leadership! That’s not looking out for the American people! That’s just egregious!!

Stimulus Deal Details Click Here.