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Stranger Things 3 is all about 1985 #FriendsDontLie

The Stranger Things Season 3 Trailer is here and it’s pretty fab!  Nick Jakusz posted the trailer earlier … but in case you missed it scroll down.   To be honest there isn’t anything I don’t like about Stranger Things.  I love the story, I love the characters and of course I love the soundtrack because it all takes place in the eighties.   This season is all about 1985 which lets face it was a pretty epic year.  I was in still in high school in 1985 so that is also the reason I love Stranger Things … I can totally relate to the high school kids.  (maybe not so much the upside down world).  I used to rock that questionable fashion and that fabulous eighties hair.

So why was 1985 so great … well for one thing it was the year of Live Aid.  That alone made it a pretty epic year.  You have to remember the eighties were a rather greedy and self obsessed time.  Live Aid showed us that we could be more than shoulder pads and BMW’s.    1985 was also the year of New Coke which wasn’t such a hit but Calvin and Hobbs also debuted and that was good thing.  Mikhail Gorbachev became the leader of the Soviet Union and that really was the beginning of the end of the Cold War.  Michael Jordan was rookie of the year (I hear he went on to have a pretty good career).  Prince Harry was born on my birthday in 1985 … so there you go … it was a pretty fab year.

Here is a little taste of the music you might end up hearing on the Stranger Things 3 soundtrack …

and in case you missed it … here’s the trailer…

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