I didn’t have super high expectations, but I gave it a try because of the name on the label. Lagunitas is a giant in the craft beer biz and they make some tasty brews, so I thought it had a good chance at being good.

It’s called Hop Water. Think of it as an IPA-flavored Le Croix.

I’m sure you’re thinking…why would I want a beer flavored water when I can just have a beer?!

Well, several reasons! Maybe you are the DD but still want to participate in the social aspect of drinking. Maybe you are at work and your establishment frowns upon alcohol consumption on the job. Maybe you are babysitting two kids and brain impairment isn’t really a great idea.

I’m here to tell you that this is a great beer substitute! The flavor is good! There’s no bad aftertaste. It’s effervescence is very refreshing! There are no carbs or calories! The bottle is really funny if you give it a read. And the price isn’t bad…I picked up a four-pack at Jewel for six bucks.

If you are hankerin’ for a beer, but want to hold back on the alcohol, give Lagunitas’s Hop Water a try!