Study Finds Your Cat Will Probably Eat Your Dead Body, and Probably Start With Your Arms

I feel like when these people once agreed to donate their bodies to medical science, this is not what they were picturing.

A team at Colorado Mesa University’s Forensic Investigation Research Station just released the results of a study that answered an age-old question: If you dropped dead, would your cat EAT YOU?

To be fair, they didn’t PLAN to do this study. They always leave a bunch of donated corpses outside to watch how they decompose. But the study happened by accident, when two cats wandered onto their property . . . and started eating.

So, yes, your cat WOULD eat you if you died.

Well . . . probably. Even though there were more than 40 bodies, both cats just picked one and came back to eat it night after night for more than a month. So if your body doesn’t meet your cat’s picky eating needs, maybe they’d leave you alone.

The researchers also found both cats ate the ARMS first. In case you’re wondering which of your body parts is most delicious.

Just in case you are as morbidly curious as I am, here’s a more detailed article from the Albany Times Union.