You may have heard the story about the guy who broke Jeopardy!’s single-day winnings record during Tuesday’s episode. But…did you know these interesting facts!?

First, he’s a local guy – a 34-year-old named James Holtzhauer from Naperville!

Second, he is a professional gambler! Seems like his gamble to try out for the show paid off in a big way!

Third, he absolutely crushed the previous record of $77,000 with his windfall of $110,914! Holy smokes!

Last but not least, my favorite nugget: His daughter was born on November 9, 2014. You pick up the significance of that?

Daughter’s birthday: 11-09-14
Single day winnings: $110,914.

Mind. Blown.

Did he plan it that way with his final Jeopardy! wager? I must interview him and find out…