Suburban Teen Builds World’s Tallest Popsicle Stick Tower

You gotta check this out!

A 12-year-old from Naperville is one of the newest entries into THE Guinness Book of World Records! Young Eric Krabel now holds the record for tallest structure made from Popsicle sticks.

This thing measures in at just over 20 feet (6.157 meters)!

Great design choices…building a pyramid base and including triangles all the way up the tower.

This wasn’t Eric’s first foray into popsicle stick building, either! If you check out the story on, you’ll see entire houses he’s built out of the little wood sticks, a usable chair, and even a motorized car!

Kids these days, amiright?!

Oh, and this isn’t the first World Record attempt I’ve covered in my short time here at The River. Check this out from the summer of 2019 in Oswego!