It’s summer, my favorite season. When it’s hot, you need ice for lemonade, iced tea, cocktails, etc.  Maybe you buy bagged ice from the grocery store, but most people have an icemaker in their fridge.

Recently my icemaker stopped working.  When this happened before I’d just open up the icemaker door and jiggle the ice bin to loosen the cubes. Simply doing that always solved the problem. But not this time!

I tried the procedure several times with no success. This was a new problem – the ice bin was frozen in place and could not be removed.

I didn’t want to pay for a service call, so I went to work on the situation using a hair dryer (on low heat) and gently hitting the ice bin with my fist. It took several attempts, but I was finally able to remove the ice bin. Then I saw the big clump of ice that had been clogging the chute.  After running some warm water through it,  and replacing the ice bin, we were back in business.

If your icemaker quits, try doing what I did before you schedule a service call. Hopefully you’ll be enjoying ice-cold drinks again without paying for repairs!