Super Bowl Commercials-Best Of First Half?

Hope you are enjoying the Super Bowl!

One of the best things about the Big Game is the commercials that are shown.  Some funny, some poignant, some boring.  Everyone has one that they remember.  For various reasons.  Some have emotional ties, some makes us think, and some have a strong message.

So what have been the best of the first half of the game so far?  Here are my favorites!

Bud Light/Tide with Charlie Day

Jason Mamoa- Rocket Mortgage.  I laughed a lot with this one

MC Hammer-Cheetos Popcorn

Molly Ringwald for Avocados

Turbo Tax-Dancing

Coke Energy- Martin Scorcese and Jonah Hill

Special mentions for Mr Peanut, Hummus, Mountain Dew with Bryan Cranston and Tracie Ellis Ross

What were your favorites?  Share them on our Facebook page…and enjoy the game!

~ Tim Thomas