Super Bowl LVII. It’s A Comin’!

So here we are 3 days away from the big game, Super Bowl LVII. This truly is a worldly but also an iconic all American event. The world, especially here, stops for those few hours while the game is on. It’s a day of over eating, imbibing in spirits and towards the end of the day wondering why Congress hasn’t made The Day After Super Bowl a National Holiday! Been to a Super Bowl,  XIV ( Steelers vs Rams Rose Bowl January 20th 1980), been to big parties and small, stayed home by myself and  enjoyed the game w/ just my girl like last year and again this year. It should be a good game and I hope they improve the quality of the commercials. The past few years have been a bit dull. Who do ya like: The Chiefs or The Eagles?

5 Storylines To Watch For The Super Bowl.