Super Easy Way to Make Ice Cream with All This Snow

Chances are you are stuck at home today. What a waste it would be to let all this freshly fallen snow go to waste!

If you have kids, here’s a — you  know what, even if you DON’T have kids, this is an awesome recipe to make some ice cream with some snow.

First, make sure it’s fresh, clean, untouched snow. You don’t want some of the dirty stuff…or worse, some of the yellow stuff.

There are really two ways to do this: either WITH sweetened condensed milk which yields the best product, but not many people have on hand…or using regular milk, which is doable, but not as yummy.

I’d strongly recommend using a metal mixing bowl to get this done, and freezing it ahead of time to reduce melting. And of course, none of the following recipes contain any FUN things like candy, chocolate or sprinkles, so go crazy!

Here’s how you do it, from


If you don’t have sweetened condensed milk (or evaporated milk) on hand, try this method also from