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Superbowl FUN facts; 2019 addition!

Hopefully you understand, I grew up in N.H., part of New England.  I am a Patriots fan and I hope that they grab another Superbowl win!  Of course, that is not certain but these fun facts about the goings-on in the Superbowl are!

The Super Bowl will be broadcast in more than 230 countries with an estimated worldwide audience of over 1 billion people.

– A Durex survey reveals that 3% of men would give up lovemaking to see their favorite football team win the Super Bowl

– Sales of La-Z-Boy recliners triple during the week leading up to the Super Bowl.

– A survey by We-Vibe reveals that 48% of people, who watch the Super Bowl blame it for lessening their chances of lovemaking on Sunday

– A survey by Tex Dot reveals that DUI-related injuries and fatalities on Super Bowl Sunday are 56% higher than on Sundays before or after the Big Game

– The Clarion Ledger claims Americans will eat over 12 million pizzas on Super Bowl Sunday.

Pig Out says the Super Bowl is the second biggest day for food consumption after Thanksgiving. Other findings:

– the average person would have to run 49 football fields to burn off just two handfuls of potato chips or do “the wave” 6,389 times to burn off six loaded potato skins.

– the average person would have to perform 299 touchdown dances to burn off half of a stuffed-crust bacon/sausage/pepperoni pizza (Each dance would have to be 15 to 20 seconds.)

– the average person would have to play football for 59 minutes to burn off 6 honey barbecue wings with dipping sauce

– the average person would have to clean the Super Bowl stadium for 322 minutes to burn off one pint of ice cream.

In God We Trust

A survey by the Public Religion Research Institute reveals that 26% of people believe that God will actually decide who wins the Super Bowl. Other findings:

– 53% of people say that God favors athletes who have faith

– 65% of Catholics and 68% of Protestants believe that God favors athletes of faith.

Super Bowl Survey

A survey by the research consultantcy reveals that 55% of people prefer Super Bowl commercials and the Super Bowl halftime show to the game itself. Other findings:

– 24% of people say the Super Bowl halftime show is too long

– 22% of people say there are too many Super Bowl commercials

– 19% of people would like fewer timeouts and fewer instant replay delays during the Super Bowl.

– 73% of people prefer a great Super Bowl with boring commercials

– 27% of people prefer a boring Super Bowl with great commercials

– 67% of people say funny Super Bowl ads are important

– 40% of people say wings are the best Super Bowl food followed by pizza (33%) and nachos (16%)


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