Hey it’s Chris Miles! I’m so excited about this new sweet and savory treat my stepdaughter introduced me to last night.  It happened while we were heading to opening night of Steel Magnolias. Which by the way runs March 15-17 and March 22-24. You can read all about it in my blog from last week by clicking here,

OK, now that that shameless plug is out of the way. let’s get back to that treat, My step daughter and I were doing a shopping run for a reading light. I needed something I could use to help me see the script during the show. Gotta hit those cues ya know!

The strip mall we went to had a Trader Joe’s and while looking for the light, my step daughter says “Hey do you know what Cookie Butter is”? I for course did not and she told me about this absolutely amazing spread that reminds me of a cross between ginger bread and peanut butter.

For course I had to run into TJ’s (Trader Joe’s) and grab some! ‘Cause my mouth was watering just thinking about it, plus I was hungry. You know what they say about shopping on an empty stomach right? Ha ha ha!

While we were in the store I realized we would not have access to a spreading device; so I asked “What would be a good dipping instrument for this”? She suggested a crunchy bread-stick or cracker. Man am I glad I went with her suggestion, of course my idea wasn’t too bad either (I was going to put it on a cookie, but I am a big fan of sweet and sweet combos).

When we finally had a chance to sample the Cookie Butter, after the show, I was in heaven! This stuff is so amazing! This is in no way an endorsement for Cookie Butter, but if you haven’t tried it you should.

As a Foodie, I’m always looking for new food combos. Hit me up in the comments below with your ideas. This way we can all enjoy “breaking bread” together. Have a great weekend!