Take a Tour. It’s Worth It!

Hi, Leslie Harris back from a whirlwind tour of Alaska and a little bit of western Canada. We were on a tour booked by one of those big Cruise line companies. We spent the first couple of days on the cruise, and then the rest of the tour was by bus, rail and even air.

I’m really glad we didn’t try to organize this on our own. Yeah, we paid extra, but it was worth it. The tour guides gave us so much history and background information, and they gave us the peace of mind of making sure that all of our transportation and lodging was booked ahead of time. Plus, they gave us suggestions for side excursions, and even booked many of them at our request. In addition, they took extra care to make sure that my elderly mother-in-law had she accommodations she needed for the trip to be enjoyable for her.

I’ll be spending the next several days telling you about my trip, but if you do decide to take a tour, I’ll give you a tip that my buddy Scott Childers gave me. Take lots of small bills. As I said, the tour guides provide interesting and entertaining narration all along the way, and they deserve to be paid for their research and expertise.