Take time To Breathe and Enjoy

Leslie here, and I know he just wrote a blog about holiday anxiety a couple of days ago, but it’s so prevalent that I but I would address the topic from a different angle.

43% of adults in the US say that stress interferes with their ability to enjoy the holidays, and 89% say that they have added concerns like finances, family Dynamics and missing loved ones. More than 30% say that they feel that the holidays have even become competitive.
So what to do about it?
I know Christmas Eve is only 2 days away, but take a step back and look at what absolutely needs to get done, what you would like to get done, and what really doesn’t need to get done. And then delegate.
It’s sometimes hard for me to ask for help. I SHOULD be able to handle this.
So I got really straight with a couple of family members, and I let them know that I’m feeling overwhelmed. (And, I also have bronchitis.)
They agreed to help more, and even had some ideas of how we could take some of the workload off.
You don’t have to do it all, and what there is to do doesn’t have to all be done by you.
Maybe the pie is store-bought instead of homemade. Maybe the decorations aren’t exactly how you want them, and maybe you’ve used the everyday plates (or even paper!) instead of the good china, but you have time to relax and enjoy yourself.
Remeber also to say yes to the important things, like spending quality time with loved ones.
Breathe. Take in the meaning of the season.