Teachers all over the World…5 Things you can get for Free!

If there’s anyone that deserves a freebie, it’s a Teacher.  Having to deal with a roomful of different kids has to be exhausting.  The stress, the unique personalities and needs of each student has to be met.  Here is some help from for those that have chosen the one of the toughest careers out there.  The Teachers!

Today is World Teachers’ Day and it’s REALLY tough to think of anyone who deserves free stuff more.  So let’s hook them up.  Here are five websites teachers might not know about that give them free stuff . . .

1.  Microsoft Word, Excel, and Powerpoint.  Microsoft gives teachers free access to all of its Office products.  All it takes is a school email address.

2.  A membership to one of the top organic food websites.  Thrive Market sells healthy and organic foods cheap . . . and they can do that because they charge a $5-a-month membership fee like a hippie Costco.  But teachers get that membership fee waived.

3.  Headspace, the mindfulness and meditation app.  It’s been maybe a little stressful for teachers lately.  Headspace is one of the top apps for calming down . . . and teachers get it totally free, saving $70-per-year.

4.  Teacher discounts. . . and good ones.  There are lots of stores that offer teacher discounts . . . including some stores, like Apple, who really don’t like giving out discounts.  Find the stores that offer those discounts, and take advantage of ’em.

5.  Insurance if students key your car.  Are you tough but fair?  Liberty Mutual offers free “vandalism loss protection” to teachers whose cars are vandalized on school property, as well as free collision coverage if you crash while driving to school business.