Thank You For 49 Amazing Years. It’s Been Quite “The Cruise”.

When I first came to Chicago in December of 1971 I had no idea that I would spend the vast majority my adult life here. Radio just isn’t that way! You move around from city to city, but somehow I managed to recover each time I faltered (a nice way of saying I got fired) and someone else then decided to hire me! There certainly were some lag times between gigs and some dark and down times, but now having spent 49 years here basically doing radio I’m overwhelmed and grateful. Chicago is my home. My first show was on December 21st 1971 on WGLD 102.7 FM from 7p-12md. 49 years ago tonight! The amazing journey since then has let me meet so many people, go to so many remarkable places, experience so many unique things and listen to and witnessed sooo much fantastic live music. It’s all of these things and much more that bring me to this day. I came here with a young family, two small children and along the way was blessed with 3 more (sadly losing my son Spencer in 2015). Now I watch my grown children making their way in life and I am blessed again with 6 grand children some grown themselves and some just little spouts seeking the sun. The deep friendships and long term relationships that I’ve been so lucky to have are priceless in my eyes and my heart and yet my biggest blessing is that I’m still able to do what I love and have you give me at least some kind of approval. So thank you for your loyalty and your listenership and no matter when or where or how long you have been listening I thank you. Let’s make this our anniversary! Today is my last day on the air this year (the product of long term employment with one company….more vaca time), I’ll be back on Monday January 4th and we can start the new year off together. Let’s go for 50! 2021 has got to be more hopeful. My book of 3 years ago might be of interest. I’m very proud of it. So let me wish you a very Merry Christmas and a blessed and Happy New Year and again my heartfelt thanks.

Doin The Cruise: Memories From A Lifetime in Radio and Rock & here