Thanks For Reading My Blog!

Hi, it’s Leslie Harris, and I just saw an article called something like, ‘here are the holiday bloggers you have to follow this season.’

Excuse me? Have to? Don’t tell me I have to do anything. That will make me not want to do it. But I digress.
Aren’t we busy enough during the holiday season? Just how many blogs are we expected to follow? Not just read once, but actually follow? By the way, according to this article, the answer is 11.
I don’t really follow bloggers. and they certainly don’t think of myself as a blogger. I am a DJ, and part of my job is a DJ is blogging. So I guess that makes me a blogger. (btw, I DO listen to the radio, a lot. If I’m awake, the radio is usually on.)
Anyway, thanks for reading my blog. I hope you’re having a lovely evening. Happy Holidays!

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