Hey it’s Chris Miles filling in for Samantha James all this week.

Yesterday of course was Valentine’s Day and I took my sweets out for a pre-show Valentine’s Day dinner. I did the flowers and heart shaped box of candy thing and thought to myself, the candy might be too cliche, but to my surprise she loved it!

Anyways, we went to a local Charhouse in Naperville (Walker’s to be exact) that Scott McKay told me about. He was raving about this place for months, so I thought let’s give is a shot. Man I am glad I did. It’s a great place nestled into a shopping center just a bit south of Downtown Naperville. If you haven’t tried it yet you must.

As we were seated, a lovely older couple was preparing to leave and almost in unison they said what a great place this was and we should “try the lamb chops”. It made me feel right at home, a warm and inviting feeling.

We sat down and Robin our Waitress came over and said Hi and Happy Valentine’s Day, she was very pleasant with a bright and warm smile (shameless plug here but when you go there ask for her table, she’s great!).

My sweets and I had a lot to catch up on so we talked for a bit before we ordered and Robin was just so pleasant during the whole thing (We kinda took a long time to order). She was even cracking jokes with us as the evening went on. We kinda laugh a lot when we are out together, maybe it’s infectious?  At one point during the night, Robin gave us nicknames (you can see them in the pic I posted above).

The food was excellent and soooooooooooo tasty, My sweets had the NY Strip (so mouth watering) and I had the Chicken Marsala (which was cooked to perfection).

Now, I’ve been to some great restaurants before and had some decent service but nothing like the comfortable feeling I received last night at Walker’s. I truly felt like a member of the family!

Big thank you to the entire staff at Walker’s for making our Valentine’s Day that much more special.

Pinky and Penny will be coming back soon!!!

Have you ever been someplace where the service and food was utterly amazing? Let me know in the comments below