This has to go down as one of the lowest points – yet one of the funniest stories – of my radio career.

(Maybe second most funny story behind that time I got President Bill Clinton to say he would deport you if you changed the dial…if you are interested in that one, let me know).

Back in the day, I was a news reporter for a station in Jacksonville, Illinois. Part of my job was to record the nightly news reports. I don’t know about other news reporters, but I flub a lot, so editing is needed before the newscast would be ready for air.

So, I was going along, recording the news when I flubbed again…I was getting frustrated so I dropped an F-bomb while the tape was rolling. No problem I thought, I’ll just be sure to edit that out.

You can probably see where this is going.

Yep…I forgot to edit it out, and My F-bomb aired during the 10:00 p.m. newscast.

This was a Monday night. I remember that because I was at a friend’s house watching Monday Night Football when the producer at the radio station called my phone in a panic telling what had just occurred.

My initial emotion was that of dread — an F-bomb on the radio is a fireable offense and can even cost the station a lot of money in fines from the FCC.

After a few minutes though, we all just started to laugh because…well…what else can you do at that point? You can’t unring a bell.

The next morning I went straight into the general manager’s office where he proceeded to give me one very, very dirty look and to get back to work.

No words needed to be spoken…the message was loud and clear.

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