There are two topics that most people agree shouldn’t be brought up among friendly company: Politics and religion.

My family is pretty good at that. The worst scuffle I can remember at a holiday get-together was on Christmas a few years back. The flashpoint wasn’t the latest liberal snowflake, or which conservative is ruining this country. It was the game Taboo.

You see, the Jakuszs can be a competitive bunch. I don’t have the best memory in the world, but I believe the voices started to rise when one team was accusing – not of cheating, per se, but of unintentionally not following the rules. Making a long story short, the arguing escalated enough to make my Grandmother started to cry!

That’s when we knew that perhaps we went a bit too far.

What about you? Are there certain topics you avoid? Here’s what the rest of the country has to say:

  1. Long-standing family tensions, 46%.
  2. General politics, 37%.
  3. The 2020 presidential race, 33%.
  4. Someone’s future plans, 24%.
  5. Money, 24%.
  6. The behavior of the guests, 22%.
  7. Drinking or alcohol, 21%.
  8. The cooking, 18%.