The 80s Are BACK!

Hi, this is Leslie Harris and last weekend I finally got to see Rock of Ages at the Paramount in Aurora. What a fun night!

The show is set in the ’80s, and it follows the story of a small town girl, who meets a city boy… (The lead female character is named Sherry, so, ya know…) Drew dreams of becoming a rock star, and Sherry has come to LA to chase her dream of becoming an actress.

The show is filled with hit after hit from Whitesnake, Twisted Sister, STYX, Bon Jovi, Journey, Pat Benatar, and many, many more. The performers had so much energy and enthusiasm that by the end of the night, the whole theater was on their feet, singing and dancing.

You can catch Rock of Ages playing at the Paramount Theater in Aurora now through May 29th. Ticket info HERE