I have always been very crafty.  Before Baby Beretta I was really big into scrapbooking.  I could spend endless hours looking through stickers and embellishments at places like Archivers, Hobby Lobby and my favorite one–The Scrapbook Castle.  I have some beautiful books that I’ve created showcasing my wedding, previous jobs and even my husband’s crazy car.  Once I had a baby there was even more reason to keep creating books…but I stopped.  The funny part is that with a kiddo you have tons of photos to choose from, but its harder to find the time to complete a book.

Then I decided to get creative and find a way to make some of the popular memory and photo websites work for me!  It is extremely easy to upload photos to Walgreens and Shutterfly.  You can create some amazing gifts and décor.  My latest obsession is creating digital scrapbooks.  I have created stories with my daughter and had her illustrate the books with sidewalk chalk.  We are currently writing a story about that pink unicorn.  We created a story about her favorite Build a Bear and took pictures of him doing crazy things.   My talented California friend John even pitched in to help us illustrate a book.  They may not be as fancy as the 3D scrapbooks but I can always glue some gems to the cover if I need to add bling.