With more and more districts going fully remote this year, it seems likely that many parents will be leaned upon even more for help with schoolwork. That’s fine, but what are you going to do with Johnny or Sally throws out this gem and asks for help:

X + 32 + 1/8 x 5.5 = x7-.43

(I don’t even know if that’s a real math problem!)

Well, mom and/or dad, here’s the answer for YOUR problem. It’s an app called PhotoMath that uses your phones camera to not only give you the answer, but also SHOWS YOU THE STEP-BY-STEP BREAK DOWN on how it got the answer!

What is this sorcery!?

Not only doe the app give you the answers, but it can help you LEARN how to get there. Sure, people will use it for cheating. They already do that anyway with calculators. Now, in the right hands, this seems like a powerful teaching tool, especially for home learners.

Arithmetic, algebra, trigonometry, calculus…it can do it all!

And yeah…if I were a teacher, I can totally see the value in this as well!

Apparently the app has been out since 2014, but it seems like it has just been waiting for it’s opportunity to shine this year!

The app is available for iPhone and Android phones for FREEEEEEEEEEE!

UPDATE: Google Lens, an app that adds live features to your phone’s camera, will also have the problem solving functionality. Google also has other features to help in other subjects like science and reading. Here are those details!