The Argument Over 5G

Hi this is Leslie Harris. There’s been a lot of debate about the coming of 5G technology. I went to a meeting about it last week with some people who’ve been studying the effects of it last week, and I’ve got to admit, I am scared of it.

There have been NO studies proving that it is safe, and there have been lots of studies that show that it very well could be unsafe, and perhaps even cause cancer.

Some experts even believe it will also send our weather predicting technology back 50 years, and with the violent swings in our weather. This concerns me a great deal as well.

This is also going to be unsightly. Every 2 to 10 houses will have to have a post either in the yard or on the parkway in order for it to be effective. (also bringing the radiation even closer to us)

By the way, fiber optic technology is already in use in many places, and is much faster than 4G and deemed much safer than 5G.

Here’s the thing – 5G might be safe, BUT, it might not! Do you really want to take that chance so you can have faster downloads? In fact, I read in a science journal, that many scientists have no reason to believe that 5G is safe.

If like me, you are concerned about 5G technology, contact your local politician. You can start by calling Senator Kimberly Lightfoot, who is the majority leader of the 101st GA Senate leadership. Her number in Hillside is 708-632-4500, and her Springfield office is 217-782-8505.

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