The Aurora Food Pantry, 13-hour Radiothon is ON to Pack the Pantry!

The Aurora Food Pantry’s Radiothon 2022 Kicks off as we Pack the Pantry again this year to help feed families who need your support. Join Mackay in the Morning, Live in Studio from 6-10am with specials guests from the Pantry.

From 11-3pm, Nick will broadcast live from The Spartan House on Prairie in Aurora and from 3-7pm,

Join Mitch Michaels live at Ballydole on W. New York Street in Aurora.

This year every dollar really counts…because for every dollar you give, The Food Pantry Sponsors will match it time 3. When you give $1 it turns into $3…$5 becomes $15 and $100 dollars turns into $300…(etc)

Go to for more details.