If you’re going to face the masses on Black Friday, you’d better get some insane deals to make up for it.

A new study analyzed the Black Friday ads from 29 of the biggest retail chains in the country to figure out who’s offering the best average deals this year . . . and who’s offering the worst.

The average deal overall is 40.4% off. That’s an improvement from last year, when it was 37% off.

And the best deals this year are at . . . Stage department stores. That includes Stage, Bealls, Palais Royal, Peebles, and Goody’s . . . where things are an average of 69.8% off. Wherever those are…?

Source: WalletHub

The other stores that are averaging at least 50% off are: JCPenney (inclusing toys, electronics and computers!), Kohl’s, New York & Company, Dick’s Sporting Goods, and Kmart (if you can find one anymore).

The store offering the worst deals this year is . . . Ace Hardware. The discount is just 11.8%.

The other stores that are averaging less than 30% off are: True Value, Costco, Harbor Freight, Amazon, Big Lots, Dell, and Best Buy.

We’re going to be going out to a few places Black Friday morning that will have GREAT deals!! Scott Mackay will be at Blain’s Farm and Fleet, who will have great deals on everything, including their Toyland section.

I’ll be broadcasting live at Fox Valley Mall starting at 9 a.m. on Black Friday! I mean…that’s going to be frazy (that’s fun and crazy mashed up, feel free to steal it).

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