With the legalization of recreational weed, you know there will be some people that do the dumbest things. In order for you to not be among that group, here are a few guidelines set forth by the Joliet Police Department.

-Cannabis use is illegal for those under 21 (medical marijuana patient exception).

-Using cannabis around someone under 21 is illegal.

-Home growing of cannabis is illegal (except for medical marijuana patients).

-Cannabis can only be purchased from authorized retail establishments.

-Cannabis cannot be used in public, or where viewed by the public (basically limited to private property not able to be viewed by the public where you have permission to use cannabis & establishments with on-site consumption licenses).

-Transportation of cannabis in a vehicle must be in a sealed, odor-proof, & child-resistant package.

-Driving under the influence of cannabis is still illegal.

Obviously, there are some finer points to the law not laid out above. Click here for a deep dive into the law, you pot head!