The Best and Worst Cities for Staycations in 2022! (Chicago made the list)

When I saw that Pheasant Run was on fire a week or so ago, I thought about the 22 years I’ve been in Chicago and how many stories I have heard about families heading to Pheasant Run for their Staycation’s.  I don’t remember the word, “Staycation” being in our vocabulary at the time but that’s what they are called now.

Check out this story about the best and worst cities for Staycations…happy to say, Chicago made the “BEST” list. has released its annual list of the best staycation cities in America.

They looked at 44 key metrics that are broken down into three categories:  Recreation, like parks and pools . . . food and entertainment, including bars and attractions . . . and rest and relaxation, like spas and beaches.

And out of 182 cities, Hawaii had the best . . . and worst.  (???)

The 10 best cities for a staycation are:  Honolulu . . . Orlando . . . Chicago . . . Fort Lauderdale, Florida . . . Portland, Maine . . . Las Vegas . . . San Francisco . . . New York City . . . San Diego . . . and Seattle.

The five WORST are:  Pearl City, Hawaii . . . Chula Vista, California . . . Moreno Valley, California . . . Rancho Cucamonga, California . . . and Oxnard, California.

(It’s hard to understand how ANY place in Hawaii could be so abysmal for a staycation, but among other things, Pearl City ranked last in the number of coffee and tea shops, per capita.)