The Best and Worst Places for BBQ in the U.S.

This is the PERFECT time to celebrate the cities in America with THE best barbecue . . . and I mean REAL barbecue . . . not just “Hey, we have two or three Arby’s.”

The website put together a ranking of 199 cities based on how their barbecue stacks up in categories like restaurants, events, festivals, and quality.

Kansas City, Missouri came out on top, by a fairly large margin. Chicago was second, followed by Houston, Cincinnati, Memphis, Louisville, St. Louis, New York City,Minneapolis, and Overland Park, Kansas.

Overland Park is only about 20 minutes from Kansas City, so the barbecue lovers there are really spoiled.

A few suburbs rank among the largest 199 cities in the country. So where did they fall on the BBQ rankings?

121. Joliet
134. Naperville
192. Rockford
199. Aurora

If you’d like to dig in to the numbers a bit deeper, check it out here!

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