Last Thursday as torrential rain and drastic wind gusts overcame America’s most hallowed grounds.  Families and visitors ran for cover.  Media who had been covering the event piled into vehicles for safety.  The streets flooded.  Trees as old as Arlington Cemetery itself broke and came crashing down.  However the soldiers their to place flags on each of the grave endured.  They found low ground and held fast during the wind and the rain.  Some soldiers actually had to be ordered to stand down from planting flags, still determined to continue to honor the fallen.

Of course the most mind blowing displays of discipline and dedication to duty ever to be witnessed at Arlington Cemetery was taking place at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.  With only a few watching from cover, a Tomb Sentinel approached the Unknowns with U.S. flags in hand.  As thunder shook the ground and torrential rains washed down, the Tomb Sentinel marched through the elements with military precision.  He knelt and placed the flags in honor of Unknowns.  For the select few who saw this moment, they were in awe.

Once again The Old Guard has shown a strength, bravery and honor in ways we can only imagine and we thank them for their service.