The CDC’s Guidelines for Thanksgiving

Hey, it’s Rich Dale.  Soon, we’ll be in the first (and hopefully only) Thanksgiving season in the COVID era.  Thanksgiving is such a social holiday that it’s no surprise that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has given us some new guidelines for it.  Officials divided up activities into three categories: lower risk, moderate risk, and higher risk.

Let’s start with the higher risk activities they want you to skip this year – traveling, shopping in crowded stores, taking part in “fun runs” or races, attending parades, attending any other large indoor gatherings.

In the moderate risk category – pumpkin patches and having a small outdoor dinner with friends and family in your community.

Finally, the lower risk activities: having dinner with people you already live with, shopping online, and watching sports from the comfort of your couch.

Hopefully, next year we can be back to normal, though I can’t say I’ll miss stores opening at 5 PM on Thursday.