The Chance Of A Lifetime?

Hey, it’s Chris Miles! Sometimes life puts you in situations that you never dreamed possible. Last night was one of those nights.

I had the privilege of seeing Steven Tyler and the Loving Mary Band in a special benefit concert in Woodstock, IL. The show rocked and Steven brought all of his energy to the stage.

Now, I have never seen him or Aerosmith before and what a show it was! If you have not seen him with The Loving Mary Band or Aerosmith, do yourself a favor and do it.  He has such a presence and aurora about him that will keep you rocking through the night. Seeing him hanging out and singing with the audience in the front row was something I will never forget.

Here are some pics from the show, along with a short video that I think you will enjoy.

Steven Tyler

I am glad I get to check this one off my bucket list. Next up I think will be Aerosmith. What bands or singers do you have on your bucket list?