The Christmas Star. When The Planets Aline!

I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase “when the planets aline”.  It can mean things are in the right position for something good or memorable about to happen. It can also literally mean when certain planets line up in our skies. Such is a happening in the coming weekend. Saturn and Jupiter will aline and give us what astronomers are calling the “Great Conjunction”. It happens on December 21st which of course is the Winter Solstice, but it can actually be seen between the 20th and the 22nd clear skies permitting. It will be the first conjunction since 2000, but the first time the planets will have been so close since 1623. The event has been called the Christmas Star because some astronomers think the Star of Bethlehem may have been this same type of conjunction between Jupiter and Saturn. We hope the skies will be clear and the viewing spectacular. The 10 day forecast has partly cloudy in the forecast as of now. It’s a week away, so wish upon a star for clear skies.  It can change.

The Great Conjunction.