The Climate Changes Seem To Be Coming With Waves Of Destruction!

As we continue to endure remarkable weather events across the country one does have to stop and say “will these phenomenon continue to increases in strength and frequency”? Hurricane Ida is one of the strongest storms to ever hit the mainland. The devastation it created in Louisiana and Mississippi (over a million people w/o power or any services) is unimaginable, but then look at the what it did up through the Ohio Valley and into the northeast. The tornado’s and flooding is historic and deadly! Consider the weather we’ve had here over the last two months. Historic high temperatures combined with some very heavy rain and tornado’s. Then there’s the unstoppable wild fires out west. That destruction is on going and even personal. My son Jeff has a beautiful place in Lake Tahoe that is threatened by the Calder fire burning almost out of control around the lake and there are so many more burning throughout California, Oregon, Washington and some neighboring western states. Climate Change! The great debate. Global Warming! The great debate. Well there’s no debating what is happening with more ferocity and frequency! Have we changed our planet enough to be the cause of these devastation’s? What will 2100 look and feel like? I won’t be around to see it, but I hope some of my grand kids will. At least I think I hope they will!!

Our Future On A Hotter Planet Means More Climate Disasters Happening Simultaneously