My wife and I, huge Game of Thrones fans, decided to watch the latest episode again. Mainly because its always easier to pick up some of the finer details on the re-watch, but also because she fell asleep for a portion of the show on our first go-round.

After word that a craft services coffee cup was left in a scene, you better believe we were keeping our eyes open for it again! And wouldn’t you know it, they edited the cup out! has a nice image slider to get a good look at the before/after screenshots of the scene in question.

People don’t like to keep your mistakes out in the open no matter how funny they are (I misspelled the word “Appreciation” on a social media post for Teachers Appreciation Day yesterday and later deleted it…so I get it). But wouldn’t it be funnier to leave the cup in there?! They admitted their mistake, so why not just let it be?! I would have appreciated that, or even if they edited in a cup of tea instead of straight up deleting it.

Oh well…at least we can start talking about more pressing issues, like why Jon Snow didn’t say goodbye to his wolf!

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