The Conundrum About Reusable Bags

Hi, Leslie Harris here. I am a big fan of reusable bags. Those plastic bags that grocery stores give out do SO MUCH damage to the environment!

Even at the height of the pandemic I would bring my reusables with me, in hopes that I would at least be able to pack my own groceries. More often than not, I was told not to even bring them into the store.

I was at a grocery store earlier this week and I saw a sign that said,

“Your clean bags are welcome here.”

This got me thinking that I haven’t washed my bags in a long time, if ever.

So I set about washing the dozen or so bags that I keep in the trunk of my car. This is no mean feat. How does one wash all of those bags? I don’t think I can throw the plastic ones in the washing machine. I do have a very cute cotton one with dogs on it, but it’s got cardboard in the bottom, sewn into the fabric. So I washed them all, carefully, by hand.

What you see in the picture is just a small sample of all of the ones that I own. I keep quite a few in my own car, and my husband keeps several in his car as well.

Do you wash your reusable bags? Do you have any tips for an easier way I can go about this? Let me know in the comments

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