The DuPage County Fair, Scheduled for Late July, Is Cancelled

The organizers of the DuPage County Fair, which was scheduled to take place July 22-26, has been cancelled, but there is still some hope it may return later in the year at the DuPage County Fairgrounds in Wheaton.

The DuPage County Fair Association said in a press release, “We will engage the Farm Bureau, Illinois Extension 4-H Youth Development Program, and our Fair family (Fantasy Amusements, Braun Events, vendors, entertainers, and exhibitors) to determine when and how to continue our 66-year tradition of a county fair. These discussions include reengineering what a fair could look like later this year.”

While their full attention won’t be on the fair right now, it’s clear the DCFA has been busy helping around the community and will continue to do so. Heres a portrion of their press release:

During these challenging times, the DuPage County Fairgrounds and Fair Association continue to be a vital asset to the community. We supported the County Clerk’s Office with the March 17 th Primary, offering an alternative polling place for many precincts in a space that allowed for social distancing. We worked with DuPage Pads, in an effort to support their mission by offering the fairground buildings as emergency shelter for their clients. Fortunately, they were able to secure hotel rooms, a much better solution for their clients. Currently we are supporting Homeland Security and Emergency Management to distribute PPE, equipment and supplies to our First Responders, Care Centers and other area organizations.

At the present our resources and energies are focused on the Fairgrounds. In an effort to help our neighbors and support local food pantries, we are excited to announce we are greatly expanding our community garden. The crew will continue our grounds beautification plan with plantings, mowing and landscaping. We will be placing the picnic tables out near the butterfly garden, so folks can enjoy the space while adhering to social distancing guidelines. The focus is to restart the activities on the Fairgrounds. We continue to work with our partners and promoters to reset our events schedule. We look forward to the Fairgrounds once again being “the Place Where Community Gathers”. Please be safe, stay well, and enjoy the Fairgrounds as they spring back to life.

Personally, it seems they made the prudent and safe move. I imagine planning something of this scale without knowing a date they would be allowed to hold the fest would be impossible. I hope to see the fair pop up later in the year!