The Earth’s Tallest Mountain Is Not Mount Everest!

I’m not a big fan of heights. Ladders, open air balconies, that spot on the top of the Willis Tower (you know the former Sears Tower) that you can walk out on and it’s all glass above, around and below. Oh my vertigo! So when I see some of these folks scaling sheer cliffs and vertical peaks I simply say “You go boy or girl” I’ll sit back and watch from here. The folks that feel the need to scale Mount Everest almost seem to have a death wish. They talk about the view from the top of the world. Hey look out the window of an airplane, you’re higher there than on any mountain. Now come to find out that the Earth’s tallest mountain isn’t Mount Everest, but actually Maunakea Volcano on the Big Island of Hawaii which actually holds the title of tallest mountain on Earth at 33,500 feet. More than half (19,698 feet) of Maunakea lies underwater, while 13,802 feet is above sea level and of course some folks have decided to scale it in it’s entirety. That would require a deep dive and a steep climb. Read below what these folks went through not get this done

Earth’s Tallest Mountain Is In Hawaii. Here’s What It Took To Ascend It.