The Empty Table

As I dropped off my kid at school, I noticed this in the hall way just outside the front office. Outside, there were hundreds of flags lining the grounds.

During the school day veterans will speak to the children.

I appreciate the thought and effort that went into the day to teach our kids about what Veterans Day is all about!

Just in case you didn’t think this type of thing was being addressed in schools, it most certainly is.

In case you are wondering what the note on the window says, it’s this:

America’s White Table
By Margot Theis Raven
The white table is one that has been set in dining halls of the Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marine Corps since the end of the Vietnam War.
The table is set to honor those who have served in America’s Armed Forces, especially those missing in action (MIAs) and those held prisoner of war (POWs).
Small table: to show one soldier’s lonely battle against many
White cloth: to honor a soldier’s pure heart when he answers his country’s call to duty
Lemon slice: to show a captive soldier’s bitter fate
Grains of salt: to show the tears of families waiting for loved ones to return
Empty chair: for the missing soldiers who are not here
Black napkin: for the sorrow of captivity
Glass turned over: for the meal that won’t be eaten
White candle: for peace
Red rose in a vase tied with a red ribbon: for the hope that all our missing will return someday