The End of an Era

When it first came out in 2001, it was going to be “the future of personal transportation”.  At that time, it was called the Segway Human Transporter, later referred to as just the Segway.  And it did get a lot of popularity with tourists and police departments.

It also had a few problems, as new products often do.  Originally, some cities banned Segways because people were losing control.  Also there was at one time a glitch that made people fall off when the battery ran down.  Bummer.

Because of these and other mishaps, it also became the butt of jokes.  When you think about a Segway now, the first image that might come to mind is Paul Blart tooling around the mall.

Anyway, the manufacturer has decided that the Segway has run its course.  The company will be ending production of the machine on July 15th.

But they aren’t closing!  So I started to wonder, what else does Segway make?  So I looked it up.  Apparently over the last couple of decades, they’ve released a compact electric unicycle and electric roller skates.  What?!  And those are safer than their flagship device?  But in 2017, they entered the electric scooter business.  That may have been their best decision yet.