The Father-Son Monster Jam Night That Almost Wasn’t

I’m not really a “monster truck” guy. I’ve never really been into it, and I’ve never gone to see a monster truck rally.

That changed on Saturday night when I took my son to our first show at the All State Arena.

There were a few vouchers left over from our on-air giveaway we did, so I nabbed a couple of those. The thing about these vouchers is that you have to trade them in for tickets at the venue box office. I’ve used these types of vouchers before without a problem, but if there are no seats to be had, you could be out of luck!

We decided to get to the All State Arena a bit early to make sure there were seats available and to generally avoid the last-minute rush. Much to my dismay, the marquee out side of the arena sent a discouraging message:


Oh. No.

I have a 4 year old in the car who’s been watching Monster Jam YouTube videos all day! As soon as I read that, I began to limit his expecations, “Hey Max, we’re almost there! We have to go see if they have room for us. They might not have any more seats…”

Essentially, “Get ready for heart break kid!”

I also started texting my wife, “Hey, it’s saying they are sold out. Should I get tickets for tomorrow’s show?!”

Then we park and take the short walk to the ticket window. I present my vouchers, “Hello sir, can you exchange these for tickets tonight?”

The man inside gave me a wince and said, “Ohhh, it’s sold out. Let me see if we have any seats available.”

At this point, I picked up my son to make sure he noticed my very excited four-year-old…not that he wouldn’t try to find me tickets anyway, but hey, a little sympathy couldn’t hurt.

After a few seconds of typing on his computer, he prints out two tickets and says, “Have fun!”

I’m way to relived to even look at the section/row/seat number. The last time we used vouchers was for a Jurrasic World Live show, and we were in the second-to-last row at the top.

So Max and I walk in, grab a slice of pizza, some popcorn and a lemonade and make our way to our seats. Lo and behold, we are third row center!! Doesn’t get much better than that!

Max loved the show! We had to buy a Megladon toy monster truck before we left (it took all I had to keep the purchases to just the one toy…I’m pretty proud). I may have loved it even more than my son, it was so cool seeing those huge trucks fly so high and perform all the stunts.

I’m a Monster Jam fan for life.

I just have to make sure to bring ear protection next time…yikes!