The Federal Government Is Now in the Rumor Control Game

The Federal Emergency Management Agency, or FEMA as they are known, has a new website to help dispel all the COVID-19 rumors that are flying around!

The jokes are easy, right?

Oh…FEMA is trying to dispel rumors?! Of course they are, they are the governement, they are always trying to HIDE THE TRUTH!!!”


FEMA has a rumor control website?! Of course they do, the government tries to control EVERYTHING!!!

Low hanging fruit aside, the issues they tackle are important, and I’m happy to see them being addressed.

What’s the most obviously fake rumor you’ve heard regarding COVID-19? For me…it’s the video of a train carrying military vehicles that some people thought to be the setup of martial law in Chicago. I’d show you the video, but I don’t want to add to the already stupid amount of views it has already. Get a grip.