The Fun We Used To Have!!

I periodically talk about radio back in the day (I have been doing this for a quite a while here in Chicago) and how much fun and excitement we would generate with crazy and unique events. In today’s litigious and buttoned down world things like Disco Demolition would simply never be allowed to happen. Too much liability! The rules have taken a lot of the creativity and fun out of promoting and executing  big events! I have to say I am so very excited to be able to get back and enjoy some live music again and our friends at RiverEdge Park do as good a job as anybody in the business. Great venue, very accessible, beautiful surroundings. amazing sound and their people are all top notch and ready to help make your experience the best. It’s also such a treat to have some old friends be the first live act back in our area after over 15 months of pandemic lockdown. REO Speedwagon comin’ home and everyone is ready! The picture above is from a fun event we had at The Loop with REO. It was a softball game between the radio station and the band and its crew. For accuracy sake I will say We Did Win but the winning score escapes me! Bands used to be much more available and interested in things like this too, but again the pressures of the road and the bottom line affect every decision!  So no softball game between The River and REO, but I commend Mayor Irvin of Aurora for the idea and presentation of the Key to The City to the band. If you’re going to the show tonight enjoy! If not we’ll see ya next time!