The Future Of Travel May Almost Be Here Now!

So are you thinking of doing some travel during the holidays? I’m hosting, so my son Mitchell will be flying in from LA, my grand daughter Emma will be driving from Cleveland as will my daughter Mckenna, RJ and the boys coming in from Michigan. Susie coming from her place. I have ask all from out of town to get tested before coming in and I am confident we’ll all be fine, but what about the travel thing? I have friends who are going to Puerto Vallarta for Thanksgiving. Ambitious and it sounds delightful, but I dunno. Would you take a plane or train trip now during the pandemic? Me not! So how do we get where we wanna go? Drive, not always the best bet! So what alternatives do we have? Right now not many, but there are some things on the horizon that may prove to be a new and safer way to travel. How about something completely different! Virgin Hyperloop successfully tested human travel in a hyperloop for the first time on Sunday. It’s a new form of transportation in which people travel inside a vacuum tube with very high speeds. The eventual goal is to reach speeds of about 1,000 kilometers per hour, or about 621 mph, in yet-to-be-designed 28-person pods. At those speeds, it would be traveling at about the same rate as a commercial jet but with no greenhouse gas emissions, which cause climate change.

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