The Game To Make Your Virtual Holiday Parties Fun!

Last night my wife and I and a few friends of ours held a random virtual game night. My wife found this service called Jackbox.TV (makers of the game You Don’t Know Jack). This has has my full, unadulterated endorsement as way to make your virtual get-togethers, whether it be Christmas, New Years Eve, or just random game nights, a lot more fun!

Yes, it costs money, but let me tell you, I haven’t come across a free service that works as well or is as much fun as this one.

There are several different game options to choose. You can pick one for $5, or you can buy all of them for $25 (which is what we did).

These games, which are played on your phone, are meant to be played in person. But, with just one extra connected device, work perfectly in a virtual setting over Zoom (or the meeting platform of your choice).

Their website has some great tutorials for different ways to have fun with their platform.

If you are looking for somethign to do this weekend while catching up with family and friends, definitely check out!