The “Get Back” Documentary. A Must!
  • Let It Be was the Beatles final studio album released in May of 1970. It has never been one of my favorites, but watching the documentary Get Back has given me a new appreciation of the songs, the lads and what went into their making of their music. First off, they all were enjoying the working relationship that still existed and except for George, who was frustrated because they weren’t using more of his songs, they all still seemed to really like each other. George of course would have his revenge with the release of his masterpiece All Things Must Pass and year or so later! The concert on the roof of Apple Records was quite remarkable and having seen videos of it I thought it was OK, but again seeing the concert from this perspective after all their rehearsal and song creation gave me new admiration for these for souls who gave us so much. It’s funny to watch the Bobby’s at the door and in lobby of Apple telling the receptionist and Mal Evans they don’t want to arrest anyone for disturbing the peace, but they’ve had numerous noise complaints in short order and want to know when the the lads would be stopping. The people on the streets below were definitely digging a live concert from the Beatles. Let It Be, the album, may not have been one of my favs, but I must say I played it a ton that summer of 70′ on my first really good full time radio gig in Cleveland at WNCR 99.5 fm. It was the current Beatles album, are you kidding! After seeing the Get Back documentary, the album Let It Be has a more special place in my heart and don’t think I’m dissing it because it contains one of my all time favorite songs, the title track Let It Be. I’ve always been a huge Beatles fan and this just re-enforced my belief that they were far and away the greatest and most creative band ever!