I’ll be honest, I have never heard of JB Holmes before.

Wait, isn’t’ that the guy who built a torture mansion on the Southside of Chicago in the 1890s that was documented in the book Devil in the White City? Oh…no, that was H.H. Holmes. Never mind…carry on.

Holmes was in contention in the early rounds of the British Open last weekend, not a bad showing, but perhaps not the rarest of feats he’s accomplished in his golfing life! I heard this nugget about JB Holmes and had to share it: did you know that he played for his high school golf team in Kentucky for TEN YEARS!?!?!

Yep, he played high school golf for an entire decade, but no, he wasn’t held back six times (the schools in Kentucky aren’t THAT bad!). He actually tried out and made his hometown high school’s golf team when he was in 3rd grade!

Holmes has told the story in the past, and I’ve read it today on GolfDigest.com.

Not only did he ask for a tryout, which took guts, but he had to shoot a 50 in nine holes in front of the high school coach! A third grader, with a high school coach standing next to him the entire round, still shot a 50. Incredible!

Unfortunately for Holmes, that’s not the only reason he made headlines last weekend. Apparently he’s one of the slowest players on tour, something his partner, star Brooks Koepka, didn’t like very much.