On Saturday we held one big bash for my two kids’ birthdays (Max turned three and Macy turned one). The party was a smashing success, mainly because of my wife’s mad party planning skills.

We had a huge inflatable castle so the kids had a ball. Great times were had. That’s the good.

The bad…


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Stuff happens when you go HAM in the jumpy house. Nothing a night on the heater vents couldn’t handle. #soakedshoes

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I totally left my shoes outside overnight on Saturday. And as you may recall, there was some inclement weather. #SoakedShoes

Then Sunday morning, after the heavy, wet snow coated our cars, another punch in the gut. As I was using the windshield wipers to discard the snow, they suddenly decided to stop working. My best guess, the linkage between the wiper motor and the actual wipers broke due to the weight of the snow on the windshield. I’m sure that will be an easy and cheap repair, right?

But I’m not going to end this post with a negative, since the weekend was really fun for the most part. I will end it with one of the most hilarious photos of my kids that I’ve ever seen:

Have a great week, everyone!